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The e-commerce market today is highly competitive: that is a fact. However, AliExpress, a subsidiary of the Alibaba group, was able to quickly establish itself and make a name for itself internationally. This success is not the result of chance, but rather the logical consequence of a well-organized operation. The products sold are very numerous and accessible to everyone for a price that is often very low. Whatever your need, you will find an article to your liking.

In this tutorial, we explain how to buy on AliExpress in a detailed, pictorial, and simple way. If you are afraid to buy on Aliexpress, we invite you to read our article on the reliability of Aliexpress.


A few words before buying on AliExpress
Before getting to the heart of the matter, let us introduce you to AliExpress and the products and services offered.

Founded 11 years ago, AliExpress is an e-commerce site, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Alibaba. The site was born from the group's desire to expand its activities worldwide. Indeed, Alibaba already had a commerce site with the difference that it was only reserved for the Chinese. acts as a marketplace between Chinese resellers and individuals. You no longer have to go through intermediaries before purchasing the products.

Besides, the products sold on AliExpress are at low prices. These products, as well as the people who put them on sale on the site, are appreciated according to the comments or feedback from customers. The platform works as a central online store like the giant Amazon, or eBay.


Logo Aliexpress


A wide range of products

The products offered on are very varied. However, the Chinese site first became known in the world for its electronic products. You will find telephones and smartphones as well as their parts, shells, and cases, not to mention communication equipment. Added to this are computers, components, and peripherals. You can view all categories from this page.

Apart from electronic products, the site also offers fashion accessories, home maintenance products, and decoration. You can even find tools for the maintenance of your cars and motorcycles as well as for DIY. The site quite often offers promotional offers and sales on certain products that you will find on this link. It is therefore no coincidence that AliExpress is among the top 50 most visited sites in the world.

Guide to Buying on AliExpress
Now that you have the minimum information about the platform, its products, and services, we will show you how to buy on AliExpress through this guide.

Go to AliExpress
As with most e-commerce sites, you have two options for accessing AliExpress. The first is to go to the Aliexpress website from your smartphone or computer browser:


Accueil pour acheter sur Aliexpress


The second possibility is to go through the AliExpress application. Indeed, if you have a phone, you can download the AliExpress application from Playstore or Google for Android systems or Apple Store for iPhones.

App for iPhone
App for Android
Create an account before buying on AliExpress
Creating an account is an essential step if you want to shop on AliExpress. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, creating an AliExpress account is very easy and fast. To do this, you will only have to enter your email address and define a password of your choice and that's it. If you need more help, you can follow our tutorial to create your account.

Search for a product
On AliExpress, you have a basket in which you can add the products of your choice only from the sheet of the product in question. To access this sheet, you can use the search bar available at the top by entering the product name.

Browse Categories
You can refer to the category tabs on the left just below AliExpress to find the product you need. Just browse the below-mentioned departments on the site:

Woman Fashion
Men's Fashion
Telephones and telecommunications
Computers, office, and security
Jewelry and watches
Homes, Pets, and Appliances
Bags and shoes
Toys and Children
And many others…



Catégories Aliexpress


If you are looking for an iPhone 14, for example, all you have to do is place your cursor on the Telephones and Telecommunications section then " iPhones ". You will then have the list of all the iPhones offered by AliExpress. If possible, you can fill in the characteristics of the iPhone.


Liste de produits Aliexpress


By clicking on one of the products offered, you have access to the detailed sheet of the latter containing all the characteristics of this one.


Fiche produit iPhone XR



Add to Cart
Once you have found the product you need, the next step will be to add it to the cart. This button is located at the bottom of the shipment detail. You can continue your research and add as many products as you wish to the basket. This option allows you to make several purchases simultaneously. Once your shopping is finished, you will need to access the basket in order to confirm your order by clicking here.

If you want to buy a single product and in your research, you come across this product, you can start the order without adding the product to the basket. To do this, simply click on "buy now".

A few tips before buying on AliExpress
As we said above, AliExpress is a Marketplace connecting Chinese sellers and resellers with individuals, most of whom are international. However, like many e-commerce sites, you are not immune to scams or malicious sellers.

To ensure the safety of buyers, AliExpress has implemented a seller and product rating system. Thus, before buying a product, we advise you to pay particular attention to the rating of the merchant. This notation is, among other things, represented by medals, diamonds or crowns. By the way, on the page of the product you have chosen, you will see the information. These concern the name of the seller, and his seniority in the sale of the product.

In addition, buyer reviews, shipping costs, and times are some details that will tell you more about the reliability of the seller.

To order
After adding your products, you can now proceed to purchase by clicking on "Cart" to the right of the search bar. Take the time to carefully check the details of the order and the guarantees offered on certain items.

Payment methods for shopping on AliExpress
Before finalizing your order, you will first proceed to payment. To facilitate this step, AliExpress provides its users with secure payment methods available at this address. These include the Alipay AIWI Wallet electronic wallet, VISA or Mastercard, Western Union, and secure bank transfers.

Mode de paiement Aliexpress


Finalizing your order

After choosing the payment method that suits you best, you confirm your order. A confirmation email will be sent to your address shortly. This email contains information relating to the delivery of your order. If you wish, you can follow the progress of the delivery of your product by SMS.


Guarantees and returns
If upon receipt of the product you ordered, you notice that it does not correspond to the description on the site, you have the right to initiate a dispute. You will be able to get reimbursed within 15 days of finalizing the dispute. For these problems of irregular delivery or non-compliant package, you can contact your seller directly from the site or use the after-sales service. You can follow the following tutorial to contact Aliexpress customer service.


All this information will be of great use to you for making your first purchases on AliExpress. If you have any other questions to help you order on Aliexpress, feel free to leave a comment below.