Full Digital excellent image Portable color doppler ultrasound machine good ultrasound
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  • high performance color doppler ultrasound scanner 3D 4D portable echocardiography price


    Technical Specification

    Display Model: B,2B,4B,B/M,M,B/C/D,B/D,Dupe Triplex,4D 

    Tmagc Procssing Techmnclogy:Tissue Harmonic Image,Multi-Signal parallel processing,Image Optimization


    Application:Abdomen,GYN&OB,Urology,Vessel,Andrology,Small parts,Cardiology,etc.


    Suppurting probe:3.5Mhz convex probe,7 5Mhz linear probe, 3.5Mhz phased array probe,

    3.5MhzMro-convex probe ,6 .5Mhz transvaginal probe ,4D volume probe,Rectal probe




    Battery: Rechargeable Lithium,For about 3 hours




    Probe:128 Element


    Peripheral Port:VG A,HSUSB,.Dicom,DVI,COM




    Color Doppler full digital ultrasound system,elegant design,advanced imaging technology and diagnose better.

     High Resolution Medical LED monitor

    Clinic versatility

    Powerful workflow

    Ergonomic design


     Advanced Technology

    AIO-Auto image optimization

    I-Image: intelligent optimization

    Storage: Direct data transfer to U disk or PC

    Izoom:lnstant full screen zoom

    Remote: realtime remote

    MBF: Multi Beam Former

    SA: Synthetic Aperture Ultrasonic imaging


    ultrasound machine price

    Rich Clinical Technology

    4D:Real time4D Imaging

    Iclear: Speckle Noise Reduction

    THT:Tissue Harmonic Image

    CDF:Continuous Dynamic Focusing

    Panoramic Image(option)

    Trapezoid Image(option)

    Continuous Wave Doppler(option)

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