High Intensity Color Doppler Ultrasound System
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  • NT-C80P is a  new generation of fll-body application economic color doppler machine, inherited a unique imaging technology and clinical features, its excellent image performance,comprehensive features and intelligent design, to meet a wide range of clinicaldiagnostic needs and improve diagnostic confidence.

    Compact and agile trolley design,with 19' LED medical monitor, 

    4 probe connectors, Multi language interface including English,Spanish,French,Russian, Arabic, Vitetnamese, 

    Portuguese,remove the language problem during usage, increase doctors' workefficiency. 


    Main unit, 19" LED monitor;

    4 probe connectors;

    Hard disk,  DVD-RW, USB interface 


    Convex probe   Linear probe   Transvaginal probe     Micro-Convex  probe 

    4D package: induding 4D volume probe, 4D software and 4D hardware module,Video printer or PC printer 

    Biopsy kit:for convex, linear,TV probe; 


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